Making The Right Decision

You need to know three things before having any cosmetic surgery. Firstly is your surgeon qualified? Secondly is surgery conducted in an accredited facility? Thirdly is the surgeon experienced and good at the procedure you want to have.


A good rhinoplasty should achieve a nose that looks good within itself, functions well, suits your face, and it needs to stay that way.

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You are known by your eyes. This is the way others look at you. So good eyelid surgery maintains normal eye shape by leaving an ideal amount of skin and returning youthful fullness.

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The key features of a youthful face are good quality skin, normal positioning, and fullness in the right places. This can be achieved by a combination of any or all of skin treatments, surgery and injectables.

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Breast size and shape can be altered by augmenting, augmenting and lifting, lifting alone, or reducing. In breast asymmetry, combination procedures may be performed. Read more


Wrinkle reduction treatments, facial volume restoration, fat dissolving under the chin. We have been at the forefront of facial injecting for over 20 years.

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Case Study Gallery

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