Blog – Abdominoplasty and Weight Loss Surgery

Everyday, even after 9 years, I still find something to be in awe of working here.

Every Day.

The stories, the journeys, the amazing results, inspires me and I feel honoured to be a part of this. We have had a run, in the last year or so of women who have for various reasons, made the necessary changes to lose weight, get in shape and get their lives on track.

Amazing stories of sheer will, determination and persistance to improve themselves.

The only flip side to this, was the surgery required for these women to remove the excess skin afterwards.

And that’s where the next chapter begins, getting the process started, the appointments with us, pre and post op education, saving money to pay for this, organising time off work, ensuring they will have a support person afterwards to help them recover.

Coupled with this is often a bit or a lot of guilt, judgments from others and feelings of

“Can I justify this surgery?”, and my answer to this is always the same.

Yes… you are worth it! It’s the L’oreal Factor!

To go through such massive transformation, it is sensible to remove the skin physically as it can continue to be a source of friction etc in clothes but also for your emotional well being.  Surgery results in the permanent removal of reminders from a previous life and allows you to begin a new one.

This process of change seems to instill a sense of self worth in these women that is wonderful to observe and seems to flow on into other areas of their lives.

We notice these women start dressing differently, they may change their hair, makeup, they stand that bit taller and smile a bit more. The positivity that comes from them is so obvious and suddenly other wonderful things happen to them, and we’ve seen it all, new jobs, new partners, new opportunities.

Little Miracles Every Day 🙂