Blog – Get ready for Summer

October, Spring Racing, sunshine and light – happy days! This also means it’s an opportune time to have a good look at your skin and ensure you have a skin care regime in place that is effective, affordable and easy to maintain. We have tried and tested many products and regimes on ourselves and our patients and have come up with our best combination yet. At Peter Callan Plastic surgeon we believe you shoudn’t have to pay a fortune for products, you should always use medical grade products (because most of the rest are often inactive) and a regime should be simple so as people are compliant and actually use it regularly! We don’t feel you need 10 different serums and potions a day, a few well selected choice products plus sunscreen are enough if used twice a day. We stock and recommend Natasha Cook and Skincare Company products. Affordable quality that will give you results. We recommend using our very own Peter Callan sunscreen- you will be prepped and ready for summer. Buy 3 products (cleanser, moisturiser and serum) and our Peter Callan Sunscreen for $220.  And once your skin is sorted, we can give you advice on anti-wrinkle injections or fillers