Blog – I just want to look how I feel

Are you thinking about injectable anti-wrinkle or filler treatments?  Don’t be scared.  It’s a relatively quick procedure, with minimal discomfort. The effect of filler is instantaneous and improves over the next week or two, whereas anti-wrinkle reduction injections take a few days to kick in and improve over a few weeks. The two are often used in combination, and have a different effect to surgery.  Having these procedures done by someone who is highly qualified and experienced is your best option in creating a harmonious look. Good work should make you look better and fresher. In fact with our work, your loved ones wouldn’t, shouldn’t, even be able to put their finger on it! You will see images in magazines of women who have been wrongly done which can make the treatments they have had done look abnormal and noticeable. Some are sensationalist articles, others are even advertisements!  Some of these women don’t look any younger despite using all of these anti-ageing tools. It’s important to know that these issues are not the problem of the injectable.  It’s usually the injector who has erred.  In this special, much-requested edition we will be dispelling the myths and outlining the truths about anti-wrinkle injections and fillers. We will explain the difference between the two, the indications for each, and show some typical results and how we can help you achieve them.