Blog – Plastic Surgery Guidelines

There’s a very good reason we at Peter Callan Plastic Surgery take time to ensure our patients are in optimal condition prior to surgery, particularly cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic plastic surgery is a big deal and we want our patients to participate in getting the best outcome.

We are fairly strict on when we allow surgery to go ahead for good reasons:

1. You need to be well informed of the risks of surgery, anaesthesia and things specific to your surgery. We will explain this thoroughly but you need to know and understand these.

2. You need to be in the best possible health. Cosmetic plastic surgery is elective and we want to reduce risks that are controllable. This particularly applies to smoking and cosmetic surgery.

3. You need to be mentally ready for permanent changes as surgery is not reversible. You need to be in a good place mentally and equipped to deal with the recovery from surgery.

4. We dont offer payment plans or finance options, only because we feel you should be in a position to pay and well prepared for surgery.

5. We feel if you tick the above boxes you are ready. We like to have this certainty and it helps to optimize the outcome of surgery. You want that. We want that. A great end result, as it should be.