Breasts are comprised of:

  • 18-20 milk glands (comprising ducts and lobules)
  • Supportive fibrous tissue
  • Blood vessels, nerves, fat, lymph vessels and nipples

Milk is produced in the lobules and drains into ducts which enter out at the nipple. Women generally have the same amount of milk glands as each other, just the amount of fatty tissue varies. Therefore women with larger breasts tend to have more fatty tissue than their smaller breasted counterparts.

This explains why small breasted women can just as easily breast feed as larger breasted women. Size is no indication of breast milk supply.

Breasts can change in response to weight gain or loss and are under the influence of hormones produced in the ovaries.

It is widely accepted a woman’s self esteem can be influenced by her perception of her breasts. Surgery can be a solution to remedying or restoring breasts to their full potential.


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