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Skin care

Skin care is extremely important. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and should be looked after well. There are many ways to take care of your skin:

  • Prevention:
    Sun exposure and smoking must be avoided if you want good skin.
  • Treat existing skin conditions:
    We can advise you on many good treatments for sun damage and minor skin conditions.
  • Skin treatments:
    Use good active cosmetics and don't waste money on expensive miracle creams. At Peter Callan Plastic Surgeon we have only the best skin care range and can advise you on how to use it.
  • Peels:
    Chemical peels are still a mainstay of skin treatment. They help reduce fine wrinkles and blemishes. Peels can be light (so-called lunchtime peels) or deep (take a few days to recover).
  • Wrinkles:
    These can be treated in a number of ways. Dynamic wrinkles (those that occur when you smile or frown) are best treated with wrinkle reduction injections. Static wrinkles can be filled with injectable dermal fillers. Other treatments include peels and laser therapy.
  • Laser and IPL:
    Light treatment achieves several things. Laser is a single wavelength of light that specifically targets red blood vessels, veins and spots. IPL (intense pulsating light) is a broader spectrum light that targets blemishes, reddened areas and some fine blood vessels. It also helps rejuvenate and firm the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles.

Guidance from our experienced team is essential. We can help you achieve your best skin quality and appearance.

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